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"Half Sasquatch and half Greek God" Bluebutterflywrites

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This is one of my favorite photos that I have taken. 

Aidan Turner at Sydney Supanova 2013.

Again this was at The Hobbit panel on the Sunday.

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White Pine Thaws by Austin Cronnelly

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"it is a bit of a bromance, actually"


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The Hobbit: Dean/Fili & Aidan/Kili Bromance [X]

[Story: Aidan was asked by the interviewer to mimic Golum’s (Andy Serkis) voice. He looks a bit a embarrassed after. Really adorable.]

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It’s a million laughs around the Science Bros

Anything that is close to your heart is worthy of your time and commitment.
Colin Morgan for Hunger Magazine #6 (via katoakenshield)    

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Aidan and Dean behind the scenes.

Also bonus because I accidentally took these caps:


By Lorenzo Durán, starting with sketching out little illustrations and lying them over the washed, dried leaves, the artist begins to intricately cut out the images by hand until these delicate cut illustrations are made. 

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the great thing with Aidan is that as soon as we met, we got along